For the past couple of years I have been adapting sci-fi novel Osiris by E.J. Swift into a feature-length screenplay. Having obtained the rights for a further year, I am now working on my fifth draft. Hopefully more news on this soon...

The film is set in a world radically altered by climate change. Osiris, the last remaining city on earth, is an ocean city constructed from towers rising out of the sea. It consists of the City, a prosperous metropolis, and the West, a poor, run down, crime-filled ghetto, divided by a heavily-armed border. The film tells the story of Adelaide Rechnov, the wealthy daughter of one of the City’s founding families searching for her brother who has mysteriously disappeared, and Vikram, a westerner and third-generation refugee trying to help the west’s cold and starving people before violence breaks out once more. When they meet both their lives are irrevocably changed and terrible secrets are uncovered.

More about Osiris on E.J. Swift's website here.