My voiceover work includes commercials, narration, corporate film, charity videos and ADR, as well as radio drama. I have a home studio in London.

You can find more information and voice samples here.

  • Narrator, Dell Everyday Web Commercial, Somnio, Scott Worley
  • Narrator, Save the Children (ongoing videos), Unsaid Communications Ltd, Mats Lignell
  • Narrator, Microsoft Infographic, Hand Crank Films, Max Kaiser
  • Online video tag,
  • Narrator, Video Lecture, Educative Technologies LLC
  • Narrator, Reintegration of Liberian Returnees Film, Unido, Bex Singleton
  • Narrator, Movember, Captain Fawcett, James Lightbown
  • Narrator, Sunsilk - Triangle Video, Azul Serra
  • Maureen (Care Manager), Pfizer Health Solutions Care Call, Chandler Chicco Companies, Tim Gomersall