• Linda, A Moment of Horror - What the Dog Saw, Channel 4/Frightfest, Andrew Brand
  • Robbery Victim, Cop School, CBBC/BBC, Hugh Lawton
  • Newsreader, South Park Trailer, Paramount Comedy, Richard Sclater


  • Sam, VSC, Theatre 503, Pamela Schermann
  • Verity, Nothing to Hide, Arts Theatre, Pamela Schermann
  • Tracey, Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens, Criterion Theatre, Stephen Whitson
  • Baptista, Taming of the Shrew, Time Zone Theatre, Rose Theatre, Pamela Schermann
  • Apsley, Miniaturists: No Movement, Arcola Theatre, Pamela Schermann
  • Virginia Woolf, Mad Women, A Significant Role, Barefaced Theatre, Adam Dattis
  • Polly Adler, Whore, A Significant Role, Barefaced Theatre, Tim Sullivan
  • Lady Macbeth, The Shakespeare Conspiracy, Chelsea Theatre, Chris Hislop
  • Mother/Daughter, Miniaturists: How to Get Them, Arcola Theatre, Duncan Macmillan
  • Taffeta Tremain, Murder Mystery Musical, Andy Jordan Productions, Ben Keaton
  • Dymphne Pugh-Gooch, A Last Belch for the Great Auk, OFS Studio, Oxford, Sarah Dodd


  • Mary, Silver, BFI, Maisie Buck
  • Christina, Significance, Halycon, Alex Hylands-White/Jack Pirie
  • Marilyn, Room 55, Rose Glass Production
  • Olive, Sub Rosa, Thora Hilmarsdottir Productions
  • Detective L. Johnson, The Trial, Anglo Klaxon Pictures, Phil Arnold / Mark Player
  • Emily Rosamond, Grey Matter, Musser Leghorn Films, Ben Dixon
  • Alexa, Senet, 11 Little Films, Antony Petrou
  • Anna, Stand And Deliver, Rogue Vision Productions, Gus Alvarez


  • Dr Randolph, The Tipping Point play - Los Angeles, Tim Gomersall 
  • Redhead Family, Short Shorts, 4Creative, Channel 4
  • Lead, 24 Hours in Bahrain, Toast TV Ltd, Ivo Mostertman
  • Juliette, Senseless play - EMCC, Stockholm, Nition Design, Tim Gomersall
  • Teacher, Hitachi Live, The Liquid Way, Derek Manning



  • Dr Harding, I Am Playr, Bigballs Films, Lewis Georgeson

Full commercial list available on request.