I have worked as an actor in film, TV and on stage for over ten years and have been fortunate to play an eclectic array of characters and work with numerous creative people in that time. Most recently I worked on Now You See Me 2 and Channel 4's A Moment of Horror. Other projects include independent feature Night Bus (selected for the BFI London Film Festival and winner of Best Feature and Best Director at the British Independent Film Festival), short film Significance (shown at the London Independent Film Festival), and Sub Rosa (also starring Prunella Scales, and nominated for Best Short Film at the Icelandic Film and Television Awards and winner of Special Mention of the Jury at the Reykjavik International Film Festival). My stage work includes Taming of the Shrew at the Rose Theatre, a production of Elegies at the Criterion, and new writing at Theatre 503 and the Arts Theatre.

Selected credits...




  • Ceres, The Unseen Hour, Rosemary Branch Theatre, James Carney
  • Sam, VSC, Theatre 503, Pamela Schermann
  • Verity, Nothing to Hide, Arts Theatre, Pamela Schermann
  • Tracey, Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens, Criterion Theatre, Stephen Whitson
  • Baptista, Taming of the Shrew, Time Zone Theatre, Rose Theatre, Pamela Schermann
  • Virginia Woolf, Mad Women, A Significant Role, Barefaced Theatre, Adam Dattis
  • Lady Macbeth, The Shakespeare Conspiracy, Chelsea Theatre, Chris Hislop
  • Mother/Daughter, Miniaturists: How to Get Them, Arcola Theatre, Duncan Macmillan
  • Taffeta Tremain, Murder Mystery Musical, Andy Jordan Productions, Ben Keaton
  • Dymphne Pugh-Gooch, A Last Belch for the Great Auk, OFS Studio, Oxford, Sarah Dodd



  • Girlfriend, Vodaphone and Juniper Networks VPN+, Simon Burgess
  • Mother, Homegate: Barber ShopChocolate Films AG
  • Dr Randolph, The Tipping Point play - Los Angeles, Tim Gomersall 
  • Lead, 24 Hours in Bahrain, Toast TV Ltd, Ivo Mostertman
  • Juliette, Senseless play - EMCC, Stockholm, Nition Design, Tim Gomersall



  • Dr Harding, I Am Playr, Bigballs Films, Lewis Georgeson

Full commercial list available on request.